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| August 2, 2014

Origin of Black Russian Terrier Puppies:

Black Russian Terrier Puppies was developed for the military purpose by the Red Star Kennel.  Different kinds of breeds of puppies were used for creating this type of puppy. The main purpose of this breed was the provision of best guard dog to the military or police dogs. The country of Origin is Soviet Union, Russia. That’s why we call these puppies as Russian Puppies. Black Russian Terrier Puppies are also known by the names of Black Terrier, Tchiorny Terrier, Chornyi, Russian Bear Schnauzer, Russian Black Terrier, BRT, Stalin’s dog etc.

Appearance of Russian Terrier Puppies:

These dogs have blocked shaped broad head. They have medium sized round shaped eyes. The length of ears is almost below the outside corner of eyes. They have triangular shape ears. Their neck is not so long but thick & powerful. Their body have a square look. They have wide & big feet like a bear. Nails are darker & large. The legs, body, face, ears, feet etc all are fully covered with hairs. They have a double coat, 1st is outer coat which is full of black color hairs & 2nd is inner coat which soft. The hairs are soft, wooly, silky & frizzy. Sometimes along with black hairs the gray hairs are also appears. A white hair puppy is not qualifies for Black Russian Terrier Puppies breed.

Height & Weight of Russian Puppies:

The height & weight of male & female Black Russian Terrier Puppies differs. For instance the height of male Russian Terrier Puppies ranges from 64 cm to 76 cm while the height of female Black Russian Terrier Puppy ranges from 64 cm to 72 cm. If we talk about weight then again the weight of male BRT ranges from 50 to 60 kg & female puppies weight ranges from 45 to 50 kg.

Nature of Black Russian Terrier Puppies:

It is said about BRT Puppies that they are calm in nature. They love to play with toys. They seek the attention of their owner. They are confident. They will take your directions in a very well manner. They are energetic that’s why you can use them as your home guard dog.

How to Care Black Russian Puppies:

You need to brush their hair regularly. There is a great need to trim their hairs almost after 2 to 3 months. Try to remove hairs from their ears. Take care about their food. Try to provide them a better place to sleep. You can construct a home for your Black Russian Terrier Puppy in your garden or inside the home. They can protect you & your home. A daily walk is essential for these puppies.

Black Russian Terrier Puppy as Pet:

The people who like to keep puppy as pet animal at home can choose the Black Russian Terrier Puppy as pet. They learn very quickly. So, you can teach them each & everything you actually want to teach your pet. When you are walking with your BRT Puppy then try to keep him before your feet because according to a puppy’s mind “their leader is one who walks in front of them”. You can play with your puppy in a large area.

Black Russian Terrier Puppies Pictures:

Have a look at the following pictures of Black Russian Terrier Puppies. If you interested in this breed of puppy then you can also buy a Black Russian Terrier Puppy for you.

collection Black Russian Terrier Puppies

collection of Black Russian Terrier Puppies

ideas of Black Russian Terrier Puppies

Black Russian Terrier Puppies



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