Portable elevated dog pet bed for any trip

For people who like to travel with their pet from one place to another it can be complicated to teach the dog where to sleep, these trips imply having to stay in different places, where you will find the privacy you need and you will have a bed to sleep on.  However, your dog may not have a bed of his own and may not be able to climb on yours and may not feel familiar with the place and where he is allowed to rest. This also applies to any type of travel, such as long hiking or camping trips where you may have a sleeping bag, but what about your dog?  Portable elevated pet beds are designed precisely for this, they are light, comfortable and easy to transport, can be used indoors or outdoors and will give your faithful friend a good night’s rest.

Why do I need a portable elevated pet bed for my dog? ·

will relieve all pressure on your dog’s joints.

  • They will always maintain a more stable temperature. ·

They can be easily transported from one place to another.

  • In some lodgings where dogs are allowed they don’t want them to climb on the beds, so a travel bed will help them sleep more comfortably anywhere.
  • And in case of outdoor trips you will be 100% sure that your dog will not have contact with the ground, dirt, humidity and cold.

Portable elevated dog bed wholesale, breathable dog hammocks 

This hammock is perfect for any type of dog, its design makes it refreshing because it is elevated and allows air flow. Ideal for summer! It is resistant thanks to its aluminum tubes that offer a stable support, which in turn makes it comfortable, lightweight.

Portable Indoor & Outdoor elevated dog pet bed  

This elevated hammock not only offers your dog comfort, portability and coolness, but it is also reversible for use according to the weather. It has a breathable mesh fabric that keeps your dog cool by allowing air to flow. In addition, one side has a warm fleece ideal for winter, the other side has a summer canvas stripe perfect for hot days. This bed is designed for cats or dogs, it has a super lightweight plastic tube construction that makes it foldable and easy to use, transport and store. With these portable beds, you can fold it to assemble and disassemble it and take it wherever you need, both indoors and outdoors, allowing your pet to always have a safe place to sleep.

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