Top 4 Delicious Dog Treat Recipes to Spoil Your Dog

Whether you are celebrating your dog’s birthday, an upcoming holiday, or you just love your pooch to bits, serious dog lovers can show affection with delicious doggie treats. Homemade treats are great for any occasion. By making them yourself, you have complete control of all ingredients. Store-bought treats might be nicely packaged and look fit for fido, but they are usually filled with artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, and other additives that are simply unnecessary. With a few simple yet nutritious ingredients, you can make delectable delights that are both healthy and tasty. Here are 4 easy to follow recipes to help you spoil your dog.

Fresh Fruit Slush Puppies

Fresh fruit slush puppies are so good, even you will be tempted to take a sip. Luckily, you can make extra so that you and your canine friend don’t have to share. Just chop up your dog’s favorite fruit, freeze it, and then blend it to make a slush. Experiment with a bunch of dog-friendly fruit to create the perfect concoction. You can even make frozen ‘margaritas’ if you’re feeling fancy. Slushies are ideal in hot weather and can cool your pup down quickly.

Baked Egg Muffins

Eggs are nutrient-rich and can be used to whip up a quick meal when you run out of dog food. You can also use them as a base when cooking up a culinary masterpiece for your pooch. Baked egg muffins are incredibly versatile and can jazz them up with diverse ingredients. Try chicken, cottage cheese, and spinach for a high-protein treat, or bell peppers, zucchini, and carrots for a Mediterranean twist. They can be baked in advance and refrigerated for convenience. Before getting creative with different recipes, make sure you do your due diligence and research the ingredients you want to use. If in doubt, consult a vet. Easyvet have clinics all over the United States, and their team of professionals can answer all of your questions about dog nutrition. Visit to book an appointment.

Frozen Yogurt Pupsicles

Who doesn’t love frozen yogurt? Frozen yogurt popsicles are easy to make, refreshing, and they are full of goodness too. Not to mention, yogurt is a good source of protein and calcium, which are required for a healthy system and proper bone development. To make healthful pupsicles, all you need is natural yogurt, chopped fruit, and a popsicle mold. Include a popsicle stick if you are planning to share a photo of your excited doggo eating from your hands on social media. Just remember to remove it if your dog prefers to enjoy treats alone.

Banana Pancakes

If you are one of those dog parents who can’t resist sharing food from their plate at mealtimes, this recipe is the one for you. As you know, not all human foods are suitable for dogs. Although food items, like pancakes, are not necessarily bad, they are most definitely not good for fido either. When treating yourself to a batch of pancakes, you can indulge your dog with one too. A banana pancake made with banana, egg, and peanut butter, will stop your pet from giving you those puppy dog eyes at breakfast.

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