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Read This First Before Buying Dog Food

As with the rest of your family, your dogs need to be fed with nutritious meals to lead happy and healthy lives. Whether you are a new dog owner or have been living with your dog for a while, you will want to learn more about dog nutrition before you buy dog foods. This is to ensure your fur friend gets the best food for its needs.

Kinds of Dog Foods

The majority of dog will eat anything served to them. Below are the common kinds of dog foods being offered by various dog food brands:

  • Wet food. In general, wet food has more meat than dry food and is easier for older dogs to eat and digest. Because wet food spoils, you must discard unconsumed canned dog foods and wash your pet’s dish regularly. Find single-serving cans so they can be used every day without measuring them out.
  • Dry food. These dog foods feature a long shelf life. With dry dog foods, you can provide your pet with a day’s worth of food at a time without worrying about spoilage. Just ensure you pick dry food that has the right ingredients. Makers of these dog foods pack their products with unhealthy additives and preservatives to prolong their shelf life.
  • Puppy food. These dog foods contain extra calories to keep up with the growth and energy of the young dog. As your puppy starts to reach adult height, it’s time to switch to adult food. Keep in mind that smaller breeds tend to mature more quickly than bigger breeds.

  • Dog treats. These treats are good for training and rewarding your dog’s good behavior. Also, they can help improve the dental health of your fur friend. Just ensure you pick dog treats that are low in sodium and artificial flavors. Feed your dog with these treats sparingly.

Things to Take into Account when Choosing Dog Foods

The food of your beloved dog comes with a list of ingredients. Meat from unknown sources or cuts can be called anima digest, animal derivatives, and meat meal. When choosing dog food, those with high meat protein percentages are the best options. Buy only pet food that mentions the type of animals used.

Although you can get dog food that is free of grains, the majority of dog foods use grains as fillers. Find whole grains because they are easier on the digestive system of dogs. Also, keep in mind that most high-quality dog foods have fruits and vegetables to provide extra nutrients which can extend the lifespan of dogs.

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