Making The Decision to Choose Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia has its origin from Greek that has the meaning “good death” and is being performed for centuries. It is an act of permitting the death of pets that have become seriously ill or hopelessly injured or experience significantly low quality of life because of old age. In these cases, euthanizing spares them from pain and suffering.

Next, you have to choose between in-home euthanasia or at the clinic. Most of the pets will find it too difficult to move at the end of their lives. So, it could be extremely difficult to transport them to the clinic.

Home euthanasia allows the pet to spend their last minutes peacefully and comfortably in their family surroundings.

When Is The Time?

Deciding when your pet needs to be euthanized is a very difficult process. You can take help from the veterinarian to guide you in this process. However, you will also be able to decide by observing your pet’s behavior and attitude.

Here are some signs based on which you can decide that your pet is not enjoying a good quality of life.

  • Your pet is experiencing chronic pain that can’t be treated.
  • Significant weight loss.
  • Stopped eating.
  • Pet is incontinent and soils himself.
  • He cannot walk or falls when trying to walk.
  • He has lost interest in all his favorite activities.

Once you have decided, get an appointment with Zen Dog Veterinarian who has expert training in the art of euthanasia and provides at home services. They make you understand the whole process first then give sedation. They give medication that helps to pass away peacefully once you are ready to say a final goodbye.

Saying Goodbye

Once you decided to proceed, make sure that all the members of your family have time with the pet to say their goodbye. Especially, if you have children, you need to help them through the grieving process since they may be experiencing this kind of loss for the first time.

Saying a final goodbye to your pet friend is never an easy task especially when you don’t know the procedures. Your veterinarian will explain in detail the whole procedure and what to expect. Ask him for any further clarification to make yourself clear about everything since the at-home procedure gives you the complete attention of your vet.

With family members around the pet’s side, the veterinarian administers anesthesia to make your pet drift into sleep. Then the actual euthanasia injection is administered.

Once the procedure is executed, your pet may experience twitching, intermittent breathing, the release of bowels and bladder which are all common. After your veterinarian has confirmed that your pet has passed you can spend some time being with your pet to say goodbye in the way you like to and in the place your pet loved.

Burial and Cremation

You can choose your pet’s final place by choosing either burial or cremation. If you are cremating, your pet’s body will be transported to the clinic for crematory service. You can choose to get the ashes or not. You can also bury your pet in your yard, but before that check with the local restrictions for doing so.

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